Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Charlie Weiss and the Cult of Personality

Charlie Weiss is a hot commodity. If you sold him by the pound he'd command a hefty price. It seems that more than a few NFL owners are enamored of the head coach of the Fighting Irish. The question is why?

He had great success as a coordinator in New England but hiring an OC or DC is hit or miss. He took over at Notre Dame and hasn't done anything above what's expected at South Bend. Recruits flow in but they usually do. He beat Michigan State but what else has he done? Restore pride? Nah. The pride was there. He brought excitement just as Dennis Green did at Arizona, Tommy Bowden at Clemson, and every other big name who coasts his first year because there was a change. (Well-Green didn't coast)

He'll likely have some success at Notre Dame but it won't be enough. Right now he's better off taking what's being offered by a handful of NFL teams. Otherwise his stock will drop after the Irish stumble around next year.

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