Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Lou to the Cubs and Mariotti to Kabul

Lou Piniella promised Cubs fans victories after being announced as the new manager. Lou, known as Sweet Lou because of his calm demeanor, stated that he was asked to come in and win. What else did he expect? Lou, ever the verbalist, noted that guys like to play for him. Hit it Lou,

“I’m basically a lot of fun to play for. I may get demanding, though, and that
should be part of the equation. I want players to have fun, I want them to
relax, I want them to play well, I want them to do well so they can earn more
money for their families, and at the same time it translates into more wins for
the team.”

If fun translated to wins the Cubs would have a dozen banners hanging around Wrigley. No one has more fun than the Cubs especially in July when the pennant race is over. Lou signed a three year deal which is just enough time for him to kick Jay Mariotti's ass inside the clubhouse. Ozzie and Lou in the same city? Hey Jay, the Kabul Journal is looking for a sports columnist. And you can take your dad!

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