Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Ranking the Top Ten

College Football Thermal Energy Rankings

  1. Ohio State - They don't have the best player in the country but they do have great marketing people so Smith ends up in New York. They get the nod as number one because no one else is worthy.
  2. West Virginia - Their offense is superb as long as they don't have to pass. They haven't been tested but that's because they play in a conference that's anything but BIG.
  3. Florida - Yeah. They lost to Auburn but even a blind hog will find a root. The Gators will put it together and win the SEC despite being coached by Urban Meyer.
  4. Michigan - I'd like to get excited by Michigan but I can't. They seem vulnerable and soft like Belgium instead of rugged and tough like Monte Carlo.
  5. USC - They will lose two games prior to their appearance in the "Free Housing For Players" bowl.
  6. Tennessee - For now "Pork Chop" Fulmer is in the top 10.
  7. Texas - Over hyped but they play in a weak conference and they are the defending champions. So they get a pass.
  8. Clemson - They beat out Louisville because they Tigers have a great running attack. But if Bowden's form holds true they'll underachieve and end up 15th at the end.
  9. Louisville - Just out of the elite eight but they have a stadium that embarrasses college football-so they have that going for them.
  10. Auburn - Not buying into the win against Florida. Soft defense up the middle, average QB, and not ready for the BCS. Sorry Tommy.

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