Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Dennis Green, French General!

Dennis Green must be descended from the great men who constructed the Maginot Line. When the Huns spilled across the French border (again) they simply bypassed the impressive redoubt because the designers, much like Green, were clueless. Thus the German Army occupied France and to this day the French Military is to combat as a decent education at the University of Miami is to higher learning. Wait-back to Green.

Denny Green has a great personality, winning smile, and the coaching ability of one of Charlie Weiss' chins. Reasonable people would conclude after last night's debacle in the desert he'll need some compromising photographs of Mr. Bidwell with Leonard Davis to save his job. Actually that might not do the trick. The time has come to jettison Green in favor of Vince Tobin or someone else who can carry on a press conference with some level of decorum. Where's Jim Mora?

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